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Painter decorator and coach painting

Throughout these pages I would like to reveal to you some aspects of the

fabulous profession of the "painter decorator".  This profession has
since the dawn of time and has adapted itself throughout the centuries.

As far as I am concerned, it all began with my apprenticeship as a
plasterer/painter, during which time I had the good fortune to work with a
number of decorators. It was a revelation!

Business-cardHaving finished my apprenticeship I left for Lugano in Ticino, a Canton
close to my heart. There I continued my training in different techniques
layering whitewash, working in stucco, preparing plaster staffs and so on.

I then left for Paris, to specialise in the study of a range of decorative
painting techniques, including trompe-l'oeil. As the months passed, it
became clear that I was destined to become a painter decorator.

Each day brings a new challenge, inspiring me to create something

For each client the result is a personal to them.

How wonderful to paint new decorations every day: looking for, finding and
using age-old techniques which, luckily, have been passed down to us.

And in the end, what a feeling of satisfaction for myself and for my

Today I am living out my dream, perhaps one day I can realise yours!

I hope to meet you soon!

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